About the Press

Penerbit UTM Press was founded on 23 September 1986, as an outcome of two workshops, Problems and Ways to Upgrade Academic Writing and Professional Translation¬Ě, held in UTM on 2 December 1985. During its early years, Penerbit UTM Press was known as Unit Penerbitan Akademik and was administered under the Academic Secretariat. In April 1988, it was brought under the Development Secretariat and not long after, on 1 October 1990, the unit came directly under the jurisdiction of the Canseleri. Unit Penerbitan Akademik soon became known as Penerbit UTM in 1994.

Today, Penerbit UTM Press is led by a Director and assisted by a team of professional and support staff. Penerbit UTM acts as the secretariat to the UTM Academic Publication Committee and is chaired by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Inovation). Two panels, the Book Panel and the Journal Panel, support the Penerbit UTM Press in academic publication. While the UTM Academic Publication Committee is in charge of drawing up the overall publication policies, the Book and Journal Panels have their specific functions. The Book Panel is responsible for developing and upgrading the accumulation of manuscripts, acknowledging acceptance of topics, and approving payments of royalties and fees; while the Journal Panel is responsible for deciding the suitability of manuscripts with respect to them meeting the content and academic criteria, and to propose the manuscripts to the UTM Academic Publication Committee for approval.

Edited Book Publication System (ePress) is online system that was developed in 2019 to coordinate and facilitate edited book application process. It allows users to submit documents and manuscripts online as well as monitor the progress of their book.